My strengths:

  • I have wide knowledge of design components such as composition or colors theory
  • I know how to present projects in an attractive form
  • I am communicative, I build new relationships easily
  • I am good at dealing with difficulties
  • I have significant knowledge of 3D modeling and new media
  • I am reliable, hard working and quite resistant to stress
  • I can work as a part of a team and I am good at organizing both group and individual work
  • I learn new things quickly and easily
  • I am creative and skilled in arts
  • I am inventive and resourceful, I can think in abstract terms
  • I am determined and aim-oriented
  • I am successful in finding alternative solutions of difficult problems

Technical skills

  • Fluency in graphic software Photoshop CS2/CS4, Flash 8/CS3/CS4, Corel Draw, Archicad, AfterEffects, Zbrush 2/4, VUE and 3D Studio Max (Vray, Krakatoa, MentalRay)
  • Good knowledge of graphic software Illustrator and CorelDraw X3
  • Very good knowledge of web creation software Dreamweaver, Microsoft Visual Studio Developer Express, TortoiseSVN
  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft Office and OpenOffice
  • Very good knowledge of coding in HTML, XML, CSS 1.0 and 2.0, Action Script 2.0, Action Script 3 (advanced)
  • Basic knowledge of coding in PHP and ASP.NET 2.0

Artistic skills:

  • Manual drawing
  • Oil and acrylic painting
  • Digital Painting
  • Sculpture

I am perfecting:

  • Animation in 3D Studio Max
  • Postproduction and special effects
  • Spanish language

My specialty:

  • Photoshop
  • Z Brush/3D studio max
  • Flash design
  • Flash animacja
  • ActionScript 2.0
  • ActionScript 3.0

Other good points:

  • CMS Drupal 6.x/7.x – Basic knowledge of frontend and backend
  • Practical knowledge of Agile (SCRUM)
  • Advanced English